1-on-1 video consultations

This package is for 6 x 30 or 60 minute video consultations either fortnightly or monthly with Dr Lucy Burns.

Introducing a transformative 6-session video consultation package designed to help you progress with your health and weight loss goals by transforming your mindset. These sessions will be held fortnightly or monthly on Zoom, so you can participate from the comfort of your own home.

Led by Dr Lucy Burns, this package will provide you with the tools and strategies to overcome any mental barriers that may be preventing you from achieving your ideal health.

All appointments will be conducted online via Zoom. Your link to join your consultation will be emailed to you once you choose your appointment time below. Simply click on the link at your appointment time and you will be taken to your private consultation.

Things to note;

  • These video consultation will be at an agreed upon set date and time each fortnight or month.
  • The 60 minute sessions are $300AUD each, so the 6 session package is $1800AUD.
  • The 30 minute sessions are $150AUD each, so the 6 session package is $900AUD.
  • We are not able to request any blood tests. We are happy to review blood test results issued from your GP.
  • We are not able to prescribe any medication.
  • Dr Mary Barson is not currently taking on any new coaching clients.
  • Cancelling the timeslot in Calendly (our calendar booking system) does not cancel the appointment, it only cancels the time slot. To cancel your consultation completely or for any further assistance please email [email protected].

If you are interested in the video consultation package book a time below to chat with Dr Lucy below to make sure it is a great fit for you!

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