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Why did we start Real Life Medicine?

about us Nov 05, 2019


​To find out about us, that is Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns. let me tell you the story behind our logo. We were looking for a design that represented us, our beliefs, our program.

Well, firstly the 3  rings  represent  our program- the medicine, the mind and the environment, all of which impact upon our overall health.
Navy is the traditional colour for doctors, green for the environment and light blue is a soothing colour representing the mind.
The 3 scribbly circles also represent us- dynamic, interlinked but not perfect
We think the interlinking circles represent the holistic nature of our program and at the centre of them is you!
So, who are we?
​Well, we are both real people who have real lived experiences. We both  have our own health issues that we have worked on and continue to work on. We would love to share our knowledge with you, to help you improve your weight, your metabolic health and  your energy levels. We want to help you reduce your risk of chronic disease or for those of who already have conditions such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disease etc, we want to help you manage and even reverse these. Above all, we want to empower you to make these changes and we will show how.
We believe in real, whole food, nurturing ourselves, our family and our friends.

With love and good health

Dr Mary Barson and Dr Lucy Burns xx



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