The 7 Simple Steps to REAL Health and Weight Loss

We created the 7 steps the REAL Health and Weight Loss because we wanted to make the path the permanent weight loss simple. 

Simple but effective

Simple but based in science and

Simple but without gimmicks, false promises and Impossible short cuts


Simple but REAL.

This is the path 

Module 1- Happy Healthy Metabolic Hormones

  • We show you how to lose weight without being hungry! “That’s insane right-surely to lose weight I need to eat less and so I have to be hungry, right?” WRONG. When you eat with our recommended eating style, we can guarantee you will not be hungry. 
  • Losing weight is just diet and exercise, right? WRONG. We debunk the old myths around calorie counting and why you need to stop calorie restriction if you want permanent weight loss...
  • We expose the myths on eating fat. How much should you eat?... Can you eat too much?.... “I don’t have a gallbladder”...“what about my cholesterol?”- We go through all of those things and explain how to lose weight consistently and safely. 
  • What will my doctor say? We guide you through any questions you have about medication, blood tests and even have a letter you can take to your doctor if you want to…
  • Keep it simple. We give you a framework to build upon, so you can continue to eat this way forever. We have a set of simple rules-The Golden Rules that make decisions easy. This is the foundation and getting this right is imperative for success. This is not a quick fix but a long term solution to your weight problem so you can be rid of it once and for all!
  • The Transition Period is where most women make their biggest mistakes. We guide you through this so you know what to expect, and how to navigate it. We want you to succeed and we have pre-empted any trouble spots with a roadmap to steer you through. 

Module 2 - Food is Medicine

  • We show which foods to eat for health and weight loss… and they may not be what you think. Food can either help you or harm you. We show you how to create delicious, simple food to maximise your nutrition, nourish your body, nurture your soul and you will lose weight along the way. How good is that!
  • Food to keep you full. Hunger is something that most people are worried about. We show you short cuts to delicious food combinations that ensure you will not be hungry. It’s so much easier to lose weight when you are not hungry! 
  • Recipes...We have gathered for you, incredible recipes that are easy and family-friendly. How often have you bought a recipe book, only to never open it? Well, we have sourced for you, the perfect recipe collection- not too many- just the right amount to offer you choice without overwhelming.
  • What about alcohol? “Do I have to stop drinking to lose weight?” No! Interestingly not all alcohol is created equally and the answer is, you can still drink alcohol and lose weight! We reveal which drinks are best and which drinks are worst for health and weight loss and have a cheat sheet to make it easy!
  • Inflammatory Foods. We show you which foods increase inflammation and which ones decrease it. What you eat matters! Inflammation causes so many health issues, joint pain, skin conditions  Simply by changing what you eat, reduces pain, increases energy, improves your skin. You will be radiant both on the inside and the outside! 
  • Eating out can be a challenge, right?  WRONG. Eating out is easy when you know what and where to eat. We give you our quick guide to eating out.

Module 3 - A Weight Off Your Mind

  • Mind magic “I eat everything I want- I just changed what I want” This module shows you how to utilise the power of your mind, so you need never rely on will-power again.
  • How to stay on the wagon. We show how to get back on the wagon quickly and easily so you do not undo all your good work.
  • Self-sabotage. This is the downfall of many women, but we show you how to avoid this trap with our mindset hacks, brain tricks and hypnotherapy downloads so this will never happen to you again.
  • Change Behaviour is the key to long term weight loss. We show you how to change your thoughts which ultimately changes your behaviour, not just for now but forever so you will never regain this weight again.
  • Comfort Eating is something most women confess to. We show you how to change this so you will never cry into your ice cream again. Freedom from food is so liberating. We have food freedom and so can you….
  • Stop the cycle. So many women eat because they feel bad, then beat themselves up, feel worse and so eat again. This is not your fault!  We explain all this to you, in detail- so you can finally understand what’s going on with your mind...And you certainly won’t get that from a diet shake...
  • Self- Compassion This technique is critical to long term weight loss. Master this and the rest is easy...

  Module 4 - Too Much on Your Plate

  • Stress is one of the main drivers of fat-storage. We show you why this occurs, how this occurs and most importantly what to do about it so can release that stored fat…
  • Stress Management is all about hormones. Manage your stress and you balance your hormones. We show you simple techniques so you can do this anywhere, anytime...
  • Happiness is also about hormones-Who knew? You can learn to optimise these hormones, maximise happiness, minimise stress and the fat will melt away…
  • We show you a range of evidence-based, scientific stress management techniques so you can choose the one that feels right for you…
  • Boundaries-There’s a trigger word! We teach you how to define and determine your boundaries and then how to protect them without guilt, so you feel empowered and in control...
  • Overweight and Overwhelmed? We show you how to manage the overwhelm, so you can prioritise your health and get the results you’ve always wanted.
  • Exercise- “I need to exercise to lose weight right?” WRONG. You can lose weight without exercise.  Intense exercise can be a powerful driver of hunger. But exercise done correctly is a powerful stress buster. We show you to exercise to improve your mood and manage your stress

Module 5 - Sleep Yourself Thin 

  • You can lose weight while you sleep. Scientific fact. Evidenced-based. No rubbish. How good is that?
  • Sleep is all about hormones- I think you’ve probably heard that before! But it’s true and there are tricks to balance your hormones to ensure optimal sleep.
  • Mind Hacks to get a good night’s sleep...
  • Relaxation Downloads to tap into the magical restorative process so you can maximise your body’s fat-burning capacity...
  • Make sleep your superpower even if you’ve had trouble sleeping in the past- We show you how. 
  • Think you’re just a bad sleeper? WRONG. Everyone can learn to sleep well and achieve hormonal balance but only with the correct advice  (and no pills)...
  • Imagine accessing a wonderful resource that restores your energy, repairs your DNA, rejuvenates your skin, helps you lose weight has no side effects and is FREE


Module 6 - Gut Feelings 

  • Optimise Gut Health and you will optimise your weight loss.
  • We show you how your gut microbiome can cause cravings and what to do about them. 
  • We show you how important gut health is… but also sort fact from fiction so you don’t waste your money on false claims and promises…
  • Simple gut-friendly processes that you can do at home to maximise your weight loss, improve your immunity and even your mood.
  • How to make milk kefir and water kefir at home 
  • How to make bone broth so you can heal your gut 
  • Reduce bloating, gas and gut pain. 
  • Gut Healthy Food. We have a downloadable list so you can easily see which foods help you and which foods harm you.

Module 7 - Fast Track Your Weight Loss

  • The final step... Unleash the power of fasting and you will burn fat for fuel. 
  • Learn the benefits of the fasting...and believe me, they are more than just weight loss
  • We show you how to fast safely and easily. Fasting, when done properly is one of the most effective weight loss strategies around…
  • Different fasting options. We explain what fasting is and what the different regimens are so you can pick one that fits into your lifestyle... 
  • Avoid the pitfalls of fasting with our comprehensive guide and done-for-you fasting schedules...
  • Isn’t fasting just starving yourself? NO. Knowing the difference between these 2 concepts is crucial to your ongoing weight loss and preservation of your metabolic rate...
  • Fasting done incorrectly can slow your metabolism and send you back on the dieting rollercoaster. We show you what to do to avoid this.
  • I’m medications- We’ve got this covered and so you know what you need to do so you can still fast safely and harness the power of this incredible tool.

It's a lot...

But we've broken it down...

It's simple... 

The 7 steps to Real Health and Weight Loss and all you have to do is take the first step


Come and join us,

Dr Lucy Burns and Dar Mary Barson


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